LifeBOND™ Bone Expert Information

LifeBOND™ uses bone care formulation originated from Spain and is designed for healthier bones,  joints, muscles and nerves. It is made from 100% natural ingredients & healthy bone formulation of 8 main ingredients – Lipocal™, Vitamin B3, Cureit® , Collagen II, SUPER FRUITS, Vitamin B Complex, Boswellia Extract and Magnesium. Cureit® is a patented formulation.

Introducing LifeBOND™

Low Bone Density, Joint Deterioration, Muscle Stiffness and Nerve Irritation are the most common bone problems that we face daily. Currently in the market, there are minimal products or supplements which help to solve most of the musculoskeletal issues as mentioned above. By taking a pack of 【8-in-1 LifeBOND™】, it can effectively improve bone density, relieve muscle stiffness and nerve pain, while repairing and maintaining your bones.

Are you currently facing these problems below:

Lack of fluid in joints

Nerve Irritation

Reduce gout inflammation, Joint Inflammation

Low Bone Density


Pain, numbness, or stiffness on hand and feet

Muscle & nerve pain or stiffness

Pain or stiffness in neck and shoulder

Common problems found in bones and joints

Cartilage membrane thinning and lubricant between joints will decrease every time you move your bones and joints, worsening as time goes by. Friction between bones during your movement will cause inflammation and pain. It can also affect the muscles and nerves around the affected area, causing swelling, stiffness and loss of flexibility.

LifeBOND™ Bones and Joints Expert ingredients

Patented Formulation Cureit®️ Curcumin extract: Anti joint inflammation and relieves pain
Lipocal™ Calcium Phosphate: Enhances bone density, easy to absorb and not easy to lose
Type II Collagen: Stimulate cartilage regeneration, reduce joint friction and pain
Vitamin D3: Promote calcium absorption, prevent and improve low bone density
Superfruits powder (Orange, Pineapple, Mango and Passion Fruits): anti-oxidant, delay ageing of bones and joints
Vitamin B Complex (Group of B1, B6 and B12 ) : Relief muscle and nerve systems allowing the stiff joints and muscles to be less tense, allows the four limbs to be flexible – stretching or bending smoothly.
Boswellia Extract:To help the recovery of wounds and reduce pain, and also swiftly relieve muscle and joint pain.
Magnesium : To help the relaxation of muscles and the nervous system, while increasing bone mineral density, boost new bone formation and aged bone resorption  (which helps bone growth and repair) and prevents low bone density

Suitable For

Joint Inflammation, Nerve Irritation, Gout

Effectively produce natural lubricant to soothe inflammation that causes stiffness and pain.

Low Bone Density

To avoid bones and joints from getting severely degraded or damaged, especially women who menopause will lose calcium faster.

Stiffness, numbness in hand and leg

To relief pain & stiffness, allows your hand and leg to recover its’ flexibility

Pain in neck, shoulder, back and bones

Able to repair shoulder, back and bones injuries that are caused by maintaining the same position for a long hour.

Insufficient joint lubrication

Maintaining LifeBOND™ as a daily supplement will help to produce joint lubricant (synovial fluid) that allows joint flexibility.

Sports injury

Repair bones & joints at the same time by supplying nutrients to the bones, helping to increase density and avoid recurrent injuries.

Stiffness of shoulder, neck and leg muscles

It can partly relieve muscle stiffness, partly relaxing the nervous systems, allowing the neck, shoulder and limbs to feel less tense when moving.

LifeBOND™ Functionality

  • Increase bone density
  • Prevents low bone density
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Better absorption for calcium
  • To avoid excessive calcium intake that will cause kidney stones
  • Relief nerve pain
  • Reduce speed of calcium loss
  • Anti-inflammation
  • To avoid cartilage thinning and stimulate reproduction of cartilage
  • To replenish the synovial fluid in the joints
  • Relief muscle stiffness

Why choose LifeBOND™ ?

Malaysia’s first bone-care wellness drink
Every sachet contains 4 types of bone-wellness ingredients
100% natural ingredients
No additives
No side effects
Not MLM marketing
Affordable price
Easy to consume

How to consume

Prepare 150ml lukewarm water, stir in 1 sachet of LifeBOND™. And your bone wellness drink is ready within a minute.

Packaging: 30 servings per box

Low Bone Density
Joint Inflammation
menopause women
anyone who suffers from bone disease
anyone who suffers from muscle stiffness
anyone who suffers from nerve irritation


Not suitable for Vegetarians

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Latest Video

Knee pain disappeared, and the cracking sound is gone!

Dave’s leg pain problem is solved! One pack per day improves 90% of bone and joint problems.

Knee pain and cracking sound problem resolved.

Mdm Fang

No more joint pain in the finger after taking it for a week.”

Mr Wong

After taking it for a week, pelvic pain was significantly reduced when sitting down.”

Ms Tan

Pain in my lower back, hips and thighs improved significantly after taking it for 3 months.”

Mdm Juan

Bone pain and muscle stiffness problem was much improved after taking it for 14 days.

Uncle Chen

After taking it for 15 days, the knees get stronger with less pain. Can stand up easier now.

Mdm Ping

After taking 17 days, able to walk for a longer time , easily go up and down stairs, and don’t feel pain anymore if rain.

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