What is LifeCell Placenta™?

LifeCell Placenta™ is a biochemically active substance extracted from the placenta of sheep. It is a kind of polypeptide protein substance, which can resist fatigue for women and men, regulate endocrine, beautify the skin, help balance hormones, promote cell activity and growth.

One capsule of LifeCell Placenta™ contains 30,000mg of sheep placenta. Long-term consumption helps to beautify the skin, regulates menstrual cycle, balances hormones, reduces menopausal symptoms and delays aging.

At present, the medical field has confirmed the efficiency of sheep placenta through experiments. Studies have found that the cell molecular structure of sheep placenta is similar to human cells, and it is a more easily absorbed nutrient element by the human body. Long-term use can achieve anti-aging effects. Therefore, sheep placenta is often used in cosmetics, medical and health products, or healthy diets.

Are you facing any the following aging problems?


Hormonal / endocrine disorders

Menopause / Early menopause

Menstrual pain, vaginal dryness

Irregular menstruation / menstrual flow

Dull, rough and dry skin

Wrinkles and sagging skin


Lack of energy and vitality

Poor stamina

Poor memory

Poor sleep quality

Low energy level

Male hormone disorders

Why do people age?

The simplest answer is that the human body is like a sophisticated machine. If the machine is used constantly, it will be overhauled and requires repair and maintenance. Of course, the human body is the same. Whether it is body organs, skin, or cells, they gradually age with time. Without maintenance, they will eventually lose their original functions and cause various problems. For example: premature ovarian and uterine failure, decreased physical strength and endurance, skin aging, and other symptoms.

The new LifeCell Placenta™ is a skin care product that specialises in cell renewal to achieve anti-aging effects. This is because the human body is made up of cells. Therefore, if you want to fight aging, you must start with your cells. As long as old cells are eliminated and new cells are produced in time, they can form healthy organs in our body and maintain normally, so as to achieve anti-aging effects!

LifeCell Placenta™ Introduction

LifeCell Placenta™ is a safe and healthy food grade supplement from New Zealand. It has been 12 years since its establishment in Malaysia (2023). It has also obtained the MAL certification from the Malaysian Ministry of Health. The certification number is: MAL12095007N. Currently being sold for more than 300,000 bottles.

LifeCell Placenta™ combines 3  ingredients that help maintain men’s and women’s health, achieve anti-aging, regulate endocrine and menopausal symptoms, balance hormones and increase stamina.

3 main ingredients of LifeCell Placenta™:

30,000mg Sheep Placenta: Reduce symptoms of menopause, anti-aging, balances male hormones and increase stamina

Wheat Germ Oil: Eliminates old and unhealthy cells, balances hormones, regulates menstrual cycle.

Blue-Green Spirulina: Regenerates healthy cells, eliminates free radicals, moisturise the skin

LifeCell Placenta™ – Helpful in achieving anti-aging effects for women! Helping men achieve their health goals!

By eliminating old cells and generating new cells, allowing the organs to operate normally, so as to achieve:

Improves skin brightness and firmness

Radiates from the inside out, with a smooth and soft feeling

Regulates endocrine, improves menstrual cramps

improves hormonal imbalance, and prevents premature ovarian failure

Quickly restores physical strength

No longer easily tired, more energetic.

Regulates menstrual cycle and flow

Maintains a stable menstrual cycle, and healthy menstrual volume and colour

Balancing male hormones

To keep the body and cells consistently vitalized

Suitable for:



Irregular Menstruation

People with Weak Physique

Poor Sleep Quality

Dull Complexion

Decline in Physical Function

Adult males

Not suitable for:

Pregnant Women

Tumor and Cancer patient


Allergic to ingredients, such as Wheat allergy

Autoimmune disease patient

Benefits to consume LifeCell Placenta™

General Benefits

  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Increase metabolism
  • Regeneration of cells & collagen
  • Improve memory
  • Reduce heavy metal in body, and helps the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins
  • Reduce stress & improve sleep quality
  • Improves skin & health condition
  • Anti Inflammation

Benefits for Male

  • Boost energy levels
  • Keep body and cells constantly vitalised 
  • Balance male hormones
  • Increase stamina

Benefits for Female

  • Recover skin elasticity
  • Nourish QI & blood, combat fatigue
  • Brighten skin and improve complexion 
  • Regulate endocrine, balance hormones

Why choose LifeCell Placenta™

1 capsule of sheep placenta a day is equivalent to:

Applying 3 days worth of brightening mask
Drinking 6 bowls of ginseng black chicken soup
5 times ovarian maintenance

Effects of consuming(females):

After a week: Energetic and better physique
After half a month: Improve sleep and able to sleep peacefully throughout the night
After a month: Smooth and shiny skin, no longer dull
After 2 month: Regulate endocrine, stabilise menstrual period, restore skin elasticity
After 3 month: Skin is firm, translucent and radiant

Effects of consuming(males):

After a week: Eliminates fatigue
After half a month: Improve sleep quality
After a month: Boost energy levels
After 2 month: Nourishes the body, keep body vitalised
After 3 month: Improves stamina and energy level

100% safe to consume, 100% no side effect
Consume for 30 days to feel the difference!

You just need 30 seconds every morning to take it after your meal

Note: If consuming other existing medicine or supplements, it is recommended to take LifeCell Placenta™ an hour apart

Packaging instruction: Each bottle of Lifecell Placenta™ contains 30 capsules.

LifeCell Placenta™ meets:

马来西亚卫生部 MAL 认证

LifeCell Placenta™️ Hormone-free Certification

Won “Asia-Pacific International Super Health Brand”

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LifeCell Placenta 调理女性雌激素分泌, 缓解停经的不适症状

Kong Ye Lin

After taking it for 6 months, my menstrual has stabilised, and my skin allergies have decreased. i have repurchased it 3 times. The after-sales service is very good, they will follow up the situation & revert quickly. The delivery is superb. Thank You

Yo Yo Yen

It feels like a good product,, and the effect can be seen after 3-4 capsules. My complexion has become fairer. Due to my work which is night shift, wrinkles and dull complexion have been caused. Now i can see that my complexion is fair and translucent even after overnight shift. Delivery is quick. I want to continue taking it to see better result

Chang Le

It feels like a good product, and the effect can be seen after 3-4 capsules. My complexion has become fairer. Due to my work working the night shifts, wrinkles and dull complexion have appeared. Now I can see that my complexion is fair and translucent even after an overnight shift. Delivery is quick. I want to continue taking it to see better results.

Kitty Chan

I have been taking Sheep placenta for about 2 weeks, the spots on my face & neck have improved a lot. I feel much better and sleep well. It is difficult to fall asleep every night without taking sheep placenta. After eating, my sleep improved and i ordered another 3 bottles. i hope LifeCell Placenta™ helps me beauty from within.

Amanda Chan

My menstrual stops for a year, have consult with the specialist, but it does not have any result. Coincidently met this product online, decided to give it a try. After a bottle, my menstrual return. Am grateful to meet LifeCell Placenta™.

Candy Kw Low

After half a bottle of LifeCell Placenta™, my menstrual back to normal and my skin become firmer. it amaze me with its result.

Cheng Long Ho

 I deliver goods until midnight every day, so I never have enough sleep and feel very tired. However, after taking one pill every day, I stopped getting sick like before, and I feel much more energetic. I don’t feel sleepy when I work anymore.

David Lam

I have only been taking it for one bottle, but now I don’t wake up all night during sleep. I am really grateful to have found this product which finally allows me to sleep through until morning!

Lim Wei Gok

My wife and I tried to conceive for half a year without success. But after taking this product for 3 months, my wife got pregnant last week! I am very grateful to LifeCell Placenta™ for helping me fulfil my dreams of becoming a father!

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