LifeBond™ Bone Expert Information

LifeBond™ uses bone care formulation originated from Spain is designed for healthier bones and joint. It is made from 100% natural ingredients & healthy bone formulation of 4 main ingredients Lipocal™ Vitamin B3, Cureit® & Collagen II. Cureit® is a patented formulation.

Introducing LifeBond™

Osteoporosis and Arthritis is the most common bones and joint problems that we face daily. Currently in the market, there are minimal product or supplements which help to solve most of the bones and joint problem. By taking a pack of [4 in 1 LifeBond] drinks effectively improve bone density, repair and maintain your bone.

Are you currently facing below problem:

Lack of fluid in joints


Gout, Rheumatism



Pain, numbness, or stiffness in hand and feet

Pain or stiffness in neck and shoulder

Common problems found in bones and joints

Cartilage membrane thinning and lubricant between joint will decrease every time you move your bones and joints and worsen as time goes by. Friction between bones during your movement will cause inflammation and pain.

LifeBond™ Bones and Joints Expert ingredients

Patented Formulation Cureit®️ Curcumin extract: Anti joint inflammation and relieve pain
Lipocal™ Calcium Phosphate: Enhance bone density, easy to absorb and not easy to lost
Type II Collagen: Stimulate cartilage hyperplasia, reduce joint friction and pain
Vitamin D3: Promote calcium absorption, prevent and improve osteoporosis
Superfruits powder (Orange, Pineapple, Mango and Passion Fruits): anti-oxidant, delay aging of bones and joints

Suitable for

Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout

Effectively produce natural lubricant to sooth inflammation that cause stiffness and pain.


To avoid bones and joints from getting severe degraded or damage, especially women who menopause will losses calcium faster

Stiffness, numbness in hand and leg

To relief pain & stiffness, allows your hand and leg to recover its’ flexibility

Pain in neck, shoulder, back and bones

Able to repair shoulder, back and bones injuries that cause by maintaining the same position for long hour.

Insufficient Bones lubricant

Maintaining LifeBond™ as daily supplement will helps to produce lubricant that allows flexibility joint.

Sports injury

To repair bones & joint at the same time to supply nutrient to bones to increase density to avoid recurrent injuries.

LifeBond™ Functionality

  • Increase bone density
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Avoid bone fracture
  • Better absorption for calcium
  • To avoid excessive calcium intake that will cause liver crystallisation
  • Reduce calcium loss speed
  • Anti-inflammation
  • To avoid cartilage thinning and stimulate reproduction of cartilage
  • To avoid joint fraction

Why choose LifeBond™ ?

Malaysia 1st Bone Supplement formulation
Every sachet contains 4 types bone supplement’s ingredient
100% natural ingredients
No addictive
No side effect
Not MLM marketing
affordable price
Easy to consume

How to consume

Prepare 150ml lukewarm water, stir in 1 sachet of Lifebond™. Your bone supplement is ready within a minute

Packaging: 30 servings per box

Recommendation: Osteoporosis, arthritis, elderly, menopause women, athlete, semi-vegetarian, or anyone who suffering from bone disease.

Not suitable for Vegetarian

LifeBond™ Certification

Does not contain steroid

Does not contain drugs

Hormone free

No side effect

100% Natural

100% food grade supplements

Awarded Asia Pacific Super Health Brand 2020 & 2021

Halal Certified

Latest Video

Knee pain disappeared, and cracking sound has gone!

Dave’s leg pain problem solved! One pack per day improves 90% of bone and joint problems.

Knee pain and cracking sound problem resolved.

Mdm Fang

“After taking LifeGreen for a week, I feel improvement on my finger joints improve.”

Mr Quan

“After taking LifeBond for a week, I can feel that it sooth and relief the pain when I Stand or Sit”

Mrs. Lau

“After taking LifeBond for few days, pain from knee and ankle have obviously reduce.”


“After taking LifeBond for 14 days, I don’t feel pain from my bones and joints anymore.”

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