The Story of LifeGreen™

To most people, the cactus is merely a plant with thorns. Some may appreciate it, some may not. But to Kia, the founder of LifeGreen™, the cactus is invaluable. When both his parents were diagnosed with tumours, it was the cactus that allowed them to extend their lives. Consequently, when Kia decided to start his own business, he wanted to share the miracle of cactus with everyone, allowing more people to experience the benefits of cactus at a reasonable price.

Are You Struggling With These Conditions?

High Blood Pressure



Sensitive Skin

Dengue Fever

Surgical Operation

Why Do We Fall Sick?

Is this the portrait of your life – Working hard to meet deadlines during the weekdays, and on the weekends, try as much as possible to spend time with friends and family (Work Hard Play Hard)? But have you ever thought that such a lifestyle can cause you to develop unhealthy habits? Staying up late, smoking, excessive drinking, improper diet, and the lack of exercise can lead to illnesses. Thankfully, there is a drink that can help you stay healthy, fend off diseases, and strengthen your body towards a better you.

About LifeGreen™

With so many health products in the market, why should you choose LifeGreen? LifeGreen™ Botanical Beverage is a highly concentrated cactus extract made with the authorized formula of Oxxynea®, a renowned French healthcare drink. Oxxynea® is a concentrated extract of the essences of 22 types of fruits and vegetables. Studies show that the long-term intake of polysaccharides in cactus can help lower blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids, as well as inhibit tumour growth. Cactus also contains antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals in the body with anti-aging effects.

LifeGreen™ Botanical Beverage Ingredients

Mixed Berries (Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Elderberry, Red Grape, Strawberry, Cranberry), Isomaltulose, Cactus Powder, Oxxynea® (Green Tea Extract, Red Grape Extract, White Grape Extract, Bilberry, Carrot, Grapefruit, Papaya, Pineapple, Strawberry, Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Orange, Broccoli, Green Cabbage, Onion, Garlic, Olive, Cucumber, Blackcurrant, Tomato, Asparagus).

Suitable For

Tumour Patients

The nutrients of cactus can effectively prevent tumour cell formation, inhibit tumour growth, strengthen our immune system and it has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. It is beneficial to patients with weakened immunity after chemotherapy.

Gynaecological Conditions

Common women health issues include uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometrioma and menstrual disorders.

The ovaries and uterus are strong enough for childbirth yet prone to various problems and diseases. Researchers have found that the cactus extract is not only effective in eliminating gynecologic tumours, but also has anti-aging properties, nourishes blood, regulates menstruation, relieves pain and maintains general ovaries and uterus health.

‘Three Highs’(High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, High Blood Sugar)

With so much unhealthy food available, the age group affected by the ‘three highs’ is getting younger. Three highs are closely related to stroke, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and other diseases. Cactus contains 18 types of amino acids and other nutrients needed by the human body. It can lower blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar, offering better blood sugar level control for diabetic patients. The fiber in cactus can also reduce cholesterol absorption in the intestine, lowering blood lipids level.

Sensitive Skin

The alkaloids in cactus extract have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can inhibit the histamine released by mast cells and basophils from attacking and sensitizing the target organ, which relieves allergy symptoms.

Chronic Diarrhea

When the intestine is affected by toxins that are secreted by harmful bacteria, it will initiate an inflammatory response and stimulate intestinal peristalsis, causing diarrhea. Prolonged intestinal inflammation can obstruct blood flow and affect nutrient absorption, and may lead to bowel necrosis. Cactus extract can restore gut health by suppressing inflammation.

Postoperative Patients

Cactus extract can inhibit the exudation of inflammatory enzymes and stimulate fibroblast production. This will help heal epidermal and internal wounds while relieving pain.

The Benefits of Cactus

  • Inhibits tumour growth
  • Mitigate chemotherapy side effects
  • Lower the susceptibilities to diseases
  • Boost immunity
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Eliminates gynecologic tumours
  • Anti-aging
  • Nourishes blood
  • Regulates menstruation and relieves pain
  • Lowers the ‘three highs’
  • Maintains cardiovascular health
  • Reduces skin allergies
  • Maintains gut health
  • Speeds up surgical wound healing

Why LifeGreen™?

Malaysia’s first cactus product
Made with 100% natural ingredients
No added preservatives
No side effects
Reasonable price
Easy to consume

LifeGreen™ Botanical Beverage is easy and convenient to consume. It tastes delicious and it is easy for children and elderly to consume.

Serving suggestion for general health care: Mix 1 sachet with room temperature water and take daily before meals in the morning.

Pack Size: 1 box of LifeGreen™ Botanical Beverage contains 30 sachets

Suitable for diabetic patients, tumour patients, postoperative patients, chronic diarrhea patients, ‘three highs’ patients, skin allergies, ovo-lacto vegetarians, elderly, children and pregnant women.

Not suitable for vegans and people with food allergies.

LifeGreen™ meets:




SGS Standard

Halal Compliance

Won “Asia-Pacific International Super Health Brand”

2019 Readers Choice Award

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Shanice Tan Poh Leng

“My condition has improved after drinking it. I can see the effects, my immunity is stronger and I feel more energetic.”

Mmoon Lovelifelovhuya

“I never thought that I would be diagnosed with ovarian cyst in my life. I got to know LifeGreen™ and it gave me confidence. Fortunately, I don’t have to go for surgery for the time being and the size of the cyst has reduced from 6cm to 2cm. Even though this is good news, I should not take it for granted. I will maintain a good life routine and continue taking LifeGreen™. Never try LifeGreen™, never know.”

Meilian Chen

“During my menstrual cycles, I always have a lot of blood clots and menstrual problems. Drinking LifeGreen™ has improved my menstrual flow and blood clot problems. I feel more energetic too.”

Shanice Tan Poh Leng

“My condition has improved after drinking it. I can see the effects, my immunity is stronger and I feel more energetic.”

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