What is FREEDOM?

Wealth Freedom? Freedom in time? Or Freedom is to do as what we want? If so, why do we still feel emptiness, down or even uncertain after getting what we have been altering for? This is because we have been imprisoned by the beast called “STRESS” under long-term busy environment. Even we have materialise happiness and freedom in time, still unable to felt relief or happy deep down in our heart. That is realistic of Modern Life. To change this phenomena, LifeFree have successfully found a way to release STRESS, a way to help Malaysian to relief Stress and obtain the real happiness from the bottom of our heart; introducing LifeFree Stress Relief Formula.

Do you know if we are under constant STRESS, it will lead to health problem?

Grey hair/ hair-loss


Sleep disorder

Skin problem

Weaker immune system

Higher risk in heart disorder

Back pain/ Muscles ache

Indigestion/ bloated tummy

menstrual disorder/ infertility




Why mental health is important to us?

Preconceive, many thought that physical & mental health are not directly related, which is wrong.
Many have preconceive that physical and mental health do not have direct impact, which is wrong.
Is a wrong conception that many have that physical & mental health are not directly related.

Scientifically proven, if we are under constant stress or negative emotions, it will have functional disorders such as weak immune system, endocrine disorders, and autonomic nervous disorder.

To simplified, your body will raise red flag to you if you are constantly under high pressure/ STRESS. Symptom such as headache, hair-loss, menstrual disorder or indigestion and etc. Research has found that people who are mentally healthy live longer, where else people with chronic stress have 40% higher in risk to have heart disease than average people. Hence, do not underestimate/ ignored mental health.

LifeFree Stress Relief Formula

LifeFree Stress Relief Formula is a product design for Malaysian suffering from stress. LifeFree used natural plant formulation and minerals, it is composed of 7 antihypertensive ingredients: Venetron® ( Apocynum Leaf Extract), Passionflower Extract, Prebiotic inulin, elderflower, B-Complex vitamins, micro encapsulated magnesium and chamomile extract. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, improve memory and concentration, increase physical energy and vitality, promote positive mood, promote menopausal symptoms and migraines.
LifeFree Stress Free Supplements help modern people relieve stress, regain good mood and improve sleep quality.

LifeFree Stress Relief Formula ingredients

1) Venetron® (Apocynum Leaf Extract): Anti-depression and anxiety, improve sleep quality, reduce negative emotions
2) Passionflower extract: improve anxiety & improve menopausal symptoms
3) Chamomile extract: anti-inflammatory, sedative, analgesic, relieve migraine
4) Micro encapsulated magnesium: promote happiness hormones and sleep aid hormones, promote muscles relaxation and release stress
5) B Complex Vitamin: promote sleep hormones, stabilise mode and brain nervous system
6) Prebiotic inulin: promote guts health and maintain balance, improve mood, insomnia, headache
7) Italy Elderflower: anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory

Proved by Clinical Trials

Venetron ® Help to against Depression & Anxiety

Research Object: 39 patients with mild depression
Research duration: 8 weeks
Total result of HAM-D was decrease by 50%
Insomnia index was decrease by 60%
Research shows 50% increase in serotonin level
Research shows that MHPG level decrease by 65

Venetron® Improve in Sleep Quality/ Insomnia

Research Object: 16 patients with sleeps disorder
Research duration: 1 week
Reduce the time to fall asleep / Reduce insomnia
Improve on deep sleep proportion
Improve on Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)

Venetron® to reduce negative emotion

Research Object: 17 patients; Healthy & working adults with dissatisfaction on Sleep Quality.
Research duration: 8 days

The change in the score before and after ingestion

Items VENETRON® Placebo
Nervous -0.5±0.7 0.2±0.9
Restless -0.5±0.9 0.3±1.2
Irritated -0.6±1.1 0.1±0.7

Suitable for:

People with Long hour working

People with fast pace, busy people

People with insomnia

People with stress and anxious

People with migraine

People with depression

menopausal women


LifeFree Stress Relief Formula has 6 functions:

Reduce pressure and irritability

Improve sleep quality

Improve concentration and memory

Improve vitality and promote good mood

Promote muscles relaxation

To ease menopausal symptom and people with migrant

Why Choose LifeFree Stress Relief Formula

Scientifically proven and study on its function
100% raw ingredients & mineral source
100% suitable for Vegetarian
No medication, no dependence ingredients
Combine multiple active ingredients
Contains herbal ingredients for traditional medical use
Contains patented ingredients, smaller molecule for better absorption

Serving methods:
Suggested to take 1-2 sachets a day
1 sachet: suggested to take 1 hour before sleep
2 sachets: suggested to take 1 sachet in the afternoon, 1 sachet 1 hour before sleep
Direct consume or
Mix well with 50ml of lukewarm water

1 week: Reduce anxiety, feel more relax
1 month: easier to fall sleep, sleep more soundly and empty mind before sleep
2month: reduce muscles soreness, improve backache
3 months: sleep through the night, improve focus and memory
4 months and above: positive thinking, fill with positive energy and improve mood

LifeFree Stress Relief Formula comply

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