CA125 drops to normal

Hello, just recently went for a blood test. The report is out, originally CA125 was 139 above average, now its 16.3, considered good improvement 😄

Helped PCOS irregular periods

Helped my period and constipation issues. My period has been regular these two months and I hope this month will be the same, usually my period only come every 3-4 months

Breast lump gone

Really good. I took it before cause had breast lump and the doctor asked me to remove it surgically. I took for half a year and scan again, the breast lump is gone 😊

Cancer marker dropped

Last month I went for a blood test, my cancer marker dropped. Before was 183, now drop to 53. 

Deal with chemotherapy better

I’m currently undergoing chemo. I take 3 days after the treatment, body feels much better and more energetic. 

Breast cyst shrunk

taking one packet a day and it’s my 13th day taking it now. (I’m very nervous, I keep self-checking every day) Got improvements because can feel that the cyst become smaller, never thought I can see the effects so fast, very happy about it. 

Healthier flow & no more discharge

I guess after a month of drinking it my period colour get more bright, no more dark red colour, I used to have a lot of leukorrhea and the odor smells like 🙈, after 4months of drinking it, I feel like all the symptoms I had seem no more

Reduce heavy bleeding

After 3 days of consistent taking, my heavy menses blood n blood clots have reduced much, and fyi i only took doc medcn once per day instead of 3 times to reduce heavy menses. Today is my 5th day, I felt energetic and much less menses blood

Regulate flow, less blood clots

This month I don’t see any blood clot. Yah, I can see 2nd and 3rd day not so much bleeding

More energetic, less bloating

So far I noticed that my energy levels are better and I don’t have period cramps like I used too and I also noticed that my tummy is not bloated like before